Kaya Prestige Hotel


In the fast developing and differentiating hotel sector; our hotel policy is to follow the technology closely with continuous development awareness, to use the environmental conditions well, to provide food safety and to educate staff and team work in the foreground, to integrate smile and confidence with customer satisfaction and to provide superior quality service in a system in a planned and continuous manner.


To continuously improve our services by using developing technologies,

To be sensitive to environmental conditions,

To be sensitive to hygiene rules and food safety in our food production,

To provide quality service with educated staff,

To keep Smile and trust, in the forefront of all our services ,

To provide services that exceed customer expectations in customer satisfaction,

To fully meet legal requirements and legislations.

We have adopted superior quality service as a principle.


As the Kaya Prestige Hotel, we provide that all our guests' needs and expectations are met in the best possible way to ensure a safe and comfortable stay.

We are carrying out the necessary work to keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level by constantly improving and renewing our team according to changing conditions of the day.

Kaya Prestige, with its top management and its team, presents its professional quality service to its customers with an innovative team spirit.


To provide unconditional customer satisfaction with our quality and innovative services, to be the pioneer of our industry,

In the behaviors of our guests and our employees, to maintain the principle of mutual respect and honesty,

To be conscious of our responsibility to society, to the natural environment and to humanity,

To create new employment fields with constant investments,

To apply the opportunities of information age to all our service areas,

To meet the needs and expectations of our guests with a better service understanding than they expect is our basic aim.


Our guest satisfaction from our services that we offer in the direction of quality understanding, which is a reflection of our Mission and Vision, is of great importance to us. As Kaya-Grup, we continue to improve our institutions and processes in order to provide the best service to our guests, and we carry out extensive works. We are adopting a Guest Focused approach as all Kaya-Group employees in order to provide fast and effective solutions in line with the needs of our customers, to provide the best service and to meet expectations at the highest level.